Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging- Bath Time

Usually I take Ziggy to a pet groomer for a bath or hair cut in that it just isn't any fun for me nor I guess for him when I do it.

However, there are times when he just needs to be washed impromtu. That is, when he gets all dirtied up and needs a bath immediately, now, before coming in contact with anything in the house, held at arms length, just plain dirty baby. He endured the shampoo and conditioning getting me as wet as him. Cuddled in a towel, we head to the room where he knows the blow dryer is near. He then takes on the poor me look.

There is nothing cute about a wet Yorkie but this picture of Ziggy dodging the blow dryer just caught me as sweet. After drying and brushing, he gets a treat which makes it all worth while. Plus, he then smells good and feels so soft and cuddly.

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