Sunday, October 08, 2006

Heck- What To Cook?-Smoked Chicken, Wontons

I'm sitting at the computer when the phone rings. It's Survival Gourmet. The conversation went to "what ya doing"?

"Just on the internet looking for something to cook for dinner." G is somewhere on the Pacific doing macho testotesterone deep sea fish catching stuff, Ziggy is just keeping me company and I can't find anything that will quench my appetite.

Well after many suggestions,including pasta with carbonara sauce using smoked pork butt and a slew of other recipes, I still hadn't touched on anything I had a taste for.

So I just went to the freezer came up with some frozen chicken thighs which I seasoned with a name branded seasoning salt then smoked with pecan wood on the lil smokey joe and a bag of left over wontons stuffed with purple potatoes seasoned with garlic, watercress and smoked gruyeye cheese, parmesan cheese plus a large a ziplock filled with frozen tomatoes from my gardening efforts. Added some seasonings to the tomatoes including rosemary, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper and chile peppers to make a sauce after running through a sieve.

Smoked the chicken thighs on the lil smokey joe

...and fried the wontons. Dipped the wontons in the the tomato sauce. Just sliced the chicken and ate as is. Not a matched treat but I'm not hungry now.

Smoked Chicken

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mooncrazy said...

You could smoke a pair of old shoes and I'd eat them. I like anything smoked.