Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Dog Blogging and Garden Update

It was a very nice and sunny day in Los Angeles once all the fog burned off. I spent most of the morning cleaning my carpet (don't ask why I didn't pay someone to do it). After a very exhausting work out with the carpet cleaning machine, Ziggy and I headed outdoors to relax and do some maintenance on the garden.

Here's Ziggy just relaxing. Weekend dog Blogging sponsored by Sweetnicks.

Garden 4-29-07
Cayenne Pepper
Bell Pepper
(correction)- Purple sage
Zucchini Blossom



Anonymous said...

Its Tony,Its lookin nice but the deep purple plant is Purple sage and the one behind it is the lavender.

mooncrazy said...

Funny, you had the workout and Mr Ziggy looks like he's doing the relaxing. The garden is looking good. Is the Lavendar for cooking?

Sylvie said...

Tony, I stand corrected. Those purple flowers threw me off.

Moon, not sure what I'll do with the lavender. Tony selected and planted everything. I think he just liked the look and smell.