Sunday, October 21, 2007

Viejas 2007 Competition Results

It was a wonderful weekend and good time had by all at the 2007 Viejas, 3rd Annual "Smokin' In the Park" BBQ Competition. 37 seven teams competed. Some new, some experienced and some on their way to the top.

Four Q did finish 15th overall out of 37 which is pretty darn good considering the competition. It seems all the teams hit or missed in each category which resulted in some surprises for the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champrions.

Four Q Results:
8th Pork
9th Chicken
21st Ribs
24th Brisket

See my Flickr site for photos of the event

BBQ Junkie's Photos

Big Mista's Photos

Big Brother Smokes Pictures

Official Overall Results:

Yea, I know this print is very small. Click on results photo to view a larger. picture.


Moon said...

Good job!You folks sure do look like you're having fun.

Jen said...

totally off topic but I've got to ask the question - are you doing another Turducken this year?? that looks amazing!!!!

Sylvie said...

Jen I think I may go traditional this year for my turkey prep. I
luv Turducken but the time commitment is huge. I'll see how the next couple of weeks go.