Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stovetop Smoker and Tri Tip

G bought me a stovetop smoker nearly 10 years ago. I used it indoors a few times but found that quite a bit of smoke seeped out and indoors that is not a good thing. Why I didn't think to use it on my outdoor grill is only a testament to "doh".

I decided to try a Tri Tip steak in the smoker. Great idea and the result was also quite good. I took pictures of the prep and end result but failed to take a picture of the medium rare slices- nice pink.

Simple preparation. I seasoned the Tri Tip simply with some seasoned salt and pepper. I soaked some hickory chips in water for about 30 minutes. The drained chips were layered and wrapped in aluminum foil which I poked a few holes for smoke release. I placed the foiled chips on the bottom of the stovetop smoker, then the tray on top of this with the smoker grate and then the meat.

The smoker was closed and then placed on top of my gas grill. I placed the smoker directly over the heat source, closed the cover and cooked for 28 minutes to an internal temp of 130. I removed the smoker from the heat source and let the Tri Tip rest in the smoker. The temp did increase to about 137. A very nice smokey "Yum".


Kenny Walker said...

I can't imagine that indoors! That looks like a great utility for outdoor cooking though, I'm a big fan. http://www.kitchenproductdeals.com/weber-performer-charcoal-grill-22-half-inch-2005-model-841001/

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the tip on the timing. I smoked indoors and finished it with a few minutes in the broiler. The results were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the timing. I smoked indoors using the oak "sawdust" with finishing under the broiler. It turned out wonderful.