Saturday, September 06, 2008

Table Top Cooking and Dining

I woke up too early this morning due to a telephone call. Keep in mind it is Saturday and after a long hard, demanding and stressful week at work, I looked forward to sleeping in.

Yea, just for the purpose of documenting where this meal was in the continuum of my life, I must state that the hospital where I work just successfully went through an unannounced JCAHO survey. (That's where we prove we meet their standards and deliver quality, safe healthcare.) Medication Management (MM) is a huge component of this survey for which I ultimately become singly responsible for any failures but as an organization, share responsibility for any successes. Another story which has no place on my blog but there were many MM successes- yea Sylvie.

Back on subject, I arose early and placed first on my "to do" list a visit to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I picked up some fresh vegetables in addition to some fresh roasted chilies. Next on my list was some shopping at Marakai. This is an Asian market where I know I can get good, fresh ingredients to put together a meal from Shabu Shabu to Korean BBQ and anything else on all sides of these choices.

I chose, thinly sliced rib eye, skinless/boneless chicken drum meat, shrimp, Kurobota pork thinly sliced and Korean style short ribs. Side dishes included kimchee and seaweed salad. Ok, G went fishing for the day and this meal would be for me. I decided to divide all meat choices into three servings and freeze for a later meal. Easy to do with plastic wrap and Gladware.

I set up my butane powered single burner with a cast iron skillet for cooking. (Note to self- buy a stovetop single burner grill pan). The side dishes and dipping sauces were arranged. I marinated the chicken but chose to season the other meats with the dipping sauces.

With Southern Iced Tea to drink (that's the soul fusion link), dinner was prepared and eaten.


maltese parakeet said...

homemade korean bbq - you rock! i did this once with a very similar set up, except i used my george foreman grill. hope g brought you home some nice yellow tail for sushi!

mSjEnA said...

yummy - sounds good !