Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smokin' In the Park Results

Great time had with friends from the California BBQ community. I had a great time. Though we turned out some great BBQ, we were competing with some of the best. Four Q finished 27th out of 52. I have had a day to think about what I could have done better for pork (pulled pork). Usually we add sauce and seasoning after pulling. This time we felt the pork stood out in flavor as presented off the smoker with no added rub and we went with a simple presentation. Would a sprinkling of rub have added nore flavor and could my sauce have possessed a little more umpf, along with some tasty bark highlighting presentation? Next time!

Overall, I accept that judging is relatively objective and that comp to comp, you never know what taste pallette the judges will possess.

4th Annual Smokin in the Park
Alpine, CA
10/17/2008 - 10/18/2008

Grand Champion: Rhythm 'n Que
Reserve Champion: Sug's Shack BBQ

1 Rhythm 'n Que
2 Sug's Shack BBQ
3 Smitty's Smoke Patrol
4 Blakes BBQ
5 Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
6 Otis and the Bird
7 The Pit Stop BBQ, LLC
8 QN4U
9 Totally Que-Less BBQ Tea
10 BBQ By Dan
11 The Rib Doctor
12 Backstreet Barbeque
13 All Hogs go to heaven
14 BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN
15 All Sauced Up
16 Smokin Yankees BBQ
17 Papa's Smokehouse BBQ
18 Tops BBQ
19 Four King Q
20 Smith Family Robinson BB
21 Auntie Shoes Bodacious B
22 Rib Tickler BBQ
23 155 South Bar-B-Q
24 Hog Me Tender
25 BBQ Bullies
26 7 Kinds of Smoke
27 Four Q BBQ
28 Notley Que
29 Smoke-A-Licious
30 Hi-I-Que
31 Big O's BBQ
32 West's Best BBQ Team
33 Smoke Peddlers
34 Tropical Heat BBQ
35 Dragon Smoke BBQ
36 Carolina Kitchen & BBQ C
37 When Pigs Fly BBQ
38 Thom and Kyle
39 The Ramona Meat Rubbers
40 Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
41 The Change Smoker
42 A Series of Small Fires
43 Funtime BBQ
44 Team Braz-B-Que
45 Smokin' Hogs
46 Pirates, Pigs and Poultr
47 Meat Inc
48 Markys Smokin BBQ
49 T&H Prime Meats & Sausag
50 Bark-N-Chickens
51 Simply Marvelous
52 Chronic Smokers BBQ Team


Moon said...

Isn't part of the fun the competition? You got out there and gave it a try, most of us only talk about it. Good try, though, I'd have fought you for a chance to eat those chicken thighs. Damn, they looked tasty.

Having to second guess the judges taste would be the most difficult part of the whole competition for me.

Are you planning the contest in Ventura County again? I'd love to see you folks in person.

Sylvie said...

Thank you Moon. The schedule for events in 2009 is in a state of change. Not sure what events will actually continue from previous years. Moorpark organizers decided against continuing the BBQ comps in 2008. Maybe they will reconsider in the future.

BBQ Junkie said...

the pork was way delicious... no need to think about what could have been.

and, it was a blast being with y'all again.