Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KCBS BBQ Judging Class

If you ever wanted to learn more about BBQ and the skills involved in being a KCBS BBQ Judge, here's your chance! This class will be held on March 21, 2009 at Throwback's Sports Bar in Anaheim, CA.

Quen for Kids

At this class, you will receive instruction in KCBS* scoring, procedures, allowed and disallowed display techniques, 2009 new rules, and actually score competition entries in all four KCBS categories. After scoring each meat, scores will be discussed and you’ll receive feed back that will help you to more systematically score entries. If you are a new competitor, you’ll get some real insights into what constitutes a winning entry in the judges’ eyes.

Even though I have been competing since April 2006, I still feel this class will help me in future competitions. I plan to take this class and encourage anyone else with an interest in judging or competing to attend. The cost is $75 for non KCBS members (includeds membership) and $40 for KCBS members.

*KCBS = Kansas City Barbeque Society

In addition, stay tuned for the 2nd Annual "Quen For Kids" BBQ cookoff sponsored by Kristie's Foundation coming May 9th. Completion of the March 21st judging class will make you eligible to apply to be a judge at the May 9th competition event (see flyer below). More information on this event can be found at Quen for Kids.

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