Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hesperia BBQ Competition April 4th, 2009

Four Q BBQ Team competed in Hesperia, California with 28 other teams. It was not our most successful comp with only a 4th in ribs and an 11th in chicken, but we had a ball.

We arrived Friday with high winds and cold temps. Our only saving grace was the fire pit we constructed from one of the pits, down jackets, gloves and funny stories told around the pit. Saturday was great. The temps were very nice and the winds left us alone.

To show how great a time we have at these events, see the attached video courtesy of Dean Olsen.


Sylvie said...

From right to left- Professor, Bigmista, JT, and then Sylvie.

Moon said...

Looks fun. What would be a number one in Chicken? How do you know what the judges are looking for? I think this would be oh so difficult to compete.

Sylvie said...

I was wondering the thing . I thought my chicken was awesome. Texture was great (organic chicken), cooked to perfect temp, seasoning on point and taste great. The appearnace was alittle off but that's not a lot of points.

Worse yet was I also did the pork shoulder which did not place at all. the mistake I made was to not put sauce on it. It had great smoky flavor, moist and tender, but the judeges gave better taste scores to sauced meat.

GirlyFruFru said...

How cute is that - is that the Survival Gourmet there too ? Where has he been - he's not been updating his blog.. !!!

Yall looked like you were having FUNN !!!!

Sylvie said...

Yep, that Neil, the Survival Gourmet. He has been really busy with his catering business. He does a number of Farmer's Markets during the week and assorted catering events so his time is spred thin.

We have a ball at the competitions. He is the mayor of BBQ Town and I am the Martha Stewart of BBQ.