Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yeh Man- Back From Jamaica

Sylvie Walking On Water

Vacations are wonderful even when you are retired. Time away from the regular hum drum of the day to day routine are still necesary.

I spent seven nights in Jamaica with our friends, their daughters and my daughter. We had a wonderful time in an 'all inclusive' resort. Arise when you feel like it, spend time by the beach, away from the resort or poolside, very good food and bottomless glasses of whatever you are drinking. Buffet dining experiences or gourmet restaurants to dine in an atmosphere of gracious and customer friendly service. Your glass is never empty unless you let the staff know to only fill upon request.

When you feel guilty about the calories taken in, there is a fully equipped gym with personal training staff to assist you and some classes including spinning when occupancy allows. After burning the calories, you enjoy time in the spa which offers the usual treats plus five jacuzzi adventures with water temps from 104 degress to a cold well of 59 degrees mixed between a wet sauna and dry sauna, Swiss and rustic showers.

24 hour room service- 'all inclusive', theatre shows, disco and internet access if you need to keep in touch with the real world. Tired of being pampered then just retreat to your hotel room. Need more to occupy your busy schedule, contact your butler or your concierge- 'all inclusive'or add some excursions at varying additional rates. Do not fear the hotel shuttle to outside selective dance areas such as Margaritaville or just hang in the hotel bars for a wide assorment of mixed drinks or simply prime liqours and wines or beers. Room service is also available for booze delivery. I noticed a room having a large bottle of Grey Goose delivered or just utilize the mini bar in your room, fully stocked and 'all inclusive'.

More on food. Be it the breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet fully catered with any and all food fares you can imagine be it international or Jamaican, vegan or meat eater, heathy or gluttony. Other choice includes four gourmet restaurants serving, Italian, Surf and Turf, Japanese or simply all things Gourmet.

See my photos on Flickr for documentation of a great time had by all in our party. Links to photo set below.



Adventures outside the hotel-


Moon said...

Where do I sign up? That sounds like a blast.

Belinda said...

Boy !!!! Am I jealous! I have six years and counting. Hope I won't be too old to enjoy it.

Glad that you are having fun. You deserve it!

Belinda said...

This looks like fun. Which all-inclusive is this. Plz email me at home.