Sunday, October 18, 2009

Four Q BBQ Team in the Top 10 at Viejas Comp

It was a very exciting weekend as Four Q BBQ Team were back together again for the Fifth Annual Viejas BBQ Competition in Alpine, California.

We took a 6th place in chicken and a 5th place in brisket which landed us overall in 9th place out of 52 top notch teams. The judges were not so kind to us in pork ribs nor pork though in our humble opinion, our turn-ins for these two categories were also excellent.

See below for overall results and photos of our brisket, chicken and rib turn in boxes. I did not get a picture of the pork. Hopefully one of my teammates has one. Click on overall results/ranking photo for enlarged print.

Flickr Photos of Viejas Comp

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DLarabee said...

Congrats on the Competition results! The wonderful company, gracious hospitality and EXTRODINARY bbq were the making of a perfect day. I am truly impressed the Four Q team. Your pulled pork and brisket were better than anything I have had back in KC or Memphis. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

-danielle and Gene