Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year

Smoked Brisket New Year Day

Pulled Pork New Year Day

Chicken New Year Day

Southern Greens New Year Day

Christmas Eve Spread in N.C.

Christmas Day Dinner in N.C.
Black Eyed Peas New Year Day

Gumbo New Years Day

See my Flickr site for a few photos taken around the holidays. These include foods from Chrtistmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years day. There was a lot of eating going on for my family and friends.

Winter Holiday Food

I missed a few photo opportunities which included a smoked turkey for Christmas.


Bigmista said...

New years day food was tasty! Almost made fool of myself with the brisket and Monkey Bread.

Brian in so cal said...


That all looks great. I would hate to be up against you in an IBCA contest with the way that chicken looks. It is making me hungry.

Where are my cookies? :)