Sunday, April 18, 2010

Results From Wildomar BBQ Competition

It was great competing at the Wildomar- Ultimate BBQ Showdown.  We had fun and enjoyed hanging with our BBQ family.  We did take three walks though only getting a 19th place overall. 

Next event we will be competing at will be June 12th at Que'n for Kids in Orange County, CA.

See below for the results from this past weekend at Wildomar:

Grand Champion:  Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion; Notley Que


1st Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
2nd Notley Que
3rd Otis & The Bird
4th Porketeers
5th Burnt By The Best
6th Rusty Barrel BBQ
7th Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
8th Rhythm 'n Que
9th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
10th The Rub Company
11th AzBarbeque
12th 7 kinds of smoke
13th Simply Marvelous BBQ
14th Rolling Bones
15th Punk Rock BBQ
16th Bird's Pit Crew
17th Rancho Rocke BBQ
18th Tropical Heat BBQ
19th Four Q
20th The Q
21st California BBQ Smokers
22nd Get It While Its Hot
23rd Cooks 'N Ladders BBQ
24th All Hogs Go to Heaven
25th When Pigs Fly
26th Smoke It All Night
27th GrillaTactics BBQ
28th Southfork BBQ
29th Meteor Barbecue Wave
30th Soaked in Smoke
31st Get Your Rub On
32nd Emi


1st AzBarbeque
2nd Slap Yo" Daddy BBQ
3rd Rolling Bones
4th Otis & The Bird
5th Rancho Rocke BBQ
6th Notley Que
7th Punk Rock BBQ
8th 7 kinds of smoke
9th Rusty Barrel BBQ
10th Four Q
11th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
12th GrillaTactics BBQ
13rd Meteor Barbecue Wave
14th Soaked in Smoke
15th Emi

Pork Ribs

1st Notley Que
2nd Otis & The Bird
3rd Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
4th Porketeers
5th Slap Yo" Daddy BBQ
6th The Rub Company
7th Bird's Pit Crew
8th Burnt By The Best
9th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
10th 7 kinds of smoke
11th Cooks 'N Ladders BBQ
12th Smoke It All Night
13rd Southfork BBQ
14th California BBQ Smokers
15th Rancho Rocke BBQ


1st Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
2nd Notley Que
3rd Otis & The Bird
4th Rusty Barrel BBQ
5th The Q
6th Rhythm 'n Que
7th Porketeers
8th Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
9th Simply Marvelous BBQ
10th Get It While Its Hot
11th All Hogs Go to Heaven
12th AzBarbeque
13rd Bird's Pit Crew
14th 7 kinds of smoke
15th Get Your Rub On


1st Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
2nd Notley Que
3rd Burnt By The Best
4th Otis & The Bird
5th Tropical Heat BBQ
6th Rhythm 'n Que
7th The Rub Company
8th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
9th California BBQ Smokers
10th Simply Marvelous BBQ
11th Four Q
12th When Pigs Fly
13rd Punk Rock BBQ
14th Rusty Barrel BBQ
15th Porketeers


1st Freddy Ray's BBQ
2nd When Pigs Fly
3rd Rooftop BBQ
4th Big Jims
5th Sweet Surrender
6th Game Over Cookers
7th Porketeers
8th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
9th Punk Rock BBQ
10th Get Your Rub On
11th Simply Marvelous BBQ
12th Southfork BBQ
13th AzBarbeque
14th GrillaTactics BBQ
15th The Rub Company

Beef Ribs:

1st Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
2nd The Rub Company
3rd Southfork BBQ
4th Tropical Heat BBQ
5th Soaked in Smoke
6th 7 kinds of smoke
7th AzBarbeque
8th Four Q
9th Rooftop BBQ
10th Cooks 'N Ladders BBQ
11th All Hogs Go to Heaven
12th West's Best BBQ Team
13th Rib Tickler BBQ, LLC
14th Game Over Cookers
15th When Pigs Fly

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Anonymous said...

This was a great event and very close to home.Well put together the buses were a plus.I wanted to enter but thought I would just just take a look this year.See ya next year with Grills a Blazin!