Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lakeland, Florida BBQ Contest DQ Controversy January 29, 2011

This late turn in was ultimately disqualified (DQ'ed) resulting in the competitor who would probably have been the GC  (he took a 1st in ribs, 4th in chicken and a 2nd in pork and a DQ in Brisket.) coming in 64th out of 66 teams.  (see this late turnin on video starting at minute 2:55)

It initially appears that the rep for this contest accepted the box but the competitor was later informed that it was DQ'ed. 

The controversy on BBQ internet forum sites is because many believe that if there had not been video of this turn in would the well known competitor have been DQ'ed?  We'll never know.

From You Tube- Competitor Gets Disqualified For Being Late

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