Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Decorated Sugar Cookies For Halloween 2005

Decorating sugar cookies is one of my passions. The only problem I have is in not having a reason to bake them. This year I started early. I also tried something a little different in addition to using royal icing in that I tried using rolled fondant as a base for the ghost, moon and autumn leaf. Cutting the fondant with the same cookie cutter as the baked cookie resulted in an even and smooth cookie. I then used royal icing to finish the decorations. Recipes for these cookies and the royal icing can be found at Food Got To Love It.
Happy Face
Crescent Moon
Spider Webs
Autumn Leaves
More Spider Webs


Barbara Fisher said...


The moons and pumpkins are my favorites!

Nupur said...

so cute! the ghosts are my favorite :)

Mona said...

Love those cookies! I was just at a bakery and was so upset they didn't have leaf cookies. It was kind of a joke b/t me and a coworker. I was leaving NYC and going to CT for the weekend and she told me to bring her back some leaves. I finally found some leaf cookies and she loved them. Probably not as fun as your homemade ones.

Sylvie said...

I so enjoyed making them. I made them early to take to my daughter in Philadelphia. She was soo happy with them.

Jennifer said...

All I can say is TOO MUCH FUN!

cookie jill said...

cookies! ;-)

LisaSD said...

They are lovely! You must have put a LOT of work into those!

Sylvie said...

Decorating cookies does take a lot commitment. I do enjoy it and as a result I think of it more as enjoyment than work. I'm glad you all love my cookies.