Sunday, October 09, 2005

Drying Cayenne Peppers From My Garden

Cayenne Peppers One of my most productive pepper plants this summer is the cayenne. In order to enjoy these all year round, I am drying them out. Simple proces to just lay them out so there is ample airflow and leave them alone. During the process, the green fresh chiles turn a vibrant wholesome red. Hot? yes they are, but compared to my habaneros, they are quite mild.


Lynne said...

Hi Silvie,

Jus' wanted to say that your peppers are lovely. It's nice to run across someone else who loves peppers and the wonderful heat that some of them bring.

Oh, and your Ziggy is so cute!

Sarah Lou said...

Once dried, how do you store these hotties and how long do they keep?

Sylvie said...

Thank you Lynne. I enjoyed visiting your site also.

Sarah Lou, Once they are dried, I simply store them in either a sealed glass jar or container similar to what you would store dried pasta in. Hope you don't live in a really humid climate.

Girl Dawg II said...

Sylvia, i very much need to find FRESH cayenne peppers. i've looked all around, the grocery produce "officials" say it can't be bought. Could i PLEASE buy some from you?

Girl Dawg II said...
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Sylvie said...

Sorry Girl Dawg ii, I'm surprised you can't find fresh cayenne peppers. If there is a Latin American market or a market that caters to New Orleans style cusine, I would think they should be able to supply you.

I'm sorry but I can't sale them.