Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Holiday Cookie Decorating

I was out town for the past week and thus unable to do any posting except for adding comments. Great time had. I attended one of the major conventions for my profession held in Las Vegas. Despite being in a town filled with many great food venues, I have no food pictures to share. No more to say about that.

Anyway back to the subject of my post,I spent today baking and decorating more cookies. They came out so nice, I just had to share.

These cookies were prepared for a Christmas party to be hosted by my neice. She requested simple sugar cookies with just some green and red sprinkles. I sort of went overboard.

See Flickr Photos for complete set


naomi said...

"overboard"?!?! I'll say, hee hee! getting a sugar rush just looking at the pix :P

bourgogne said...

omg those are amazing and BEAUTIFUL cookies! i LOVE them.