Saturday, December 31, 2005

Weekend Dog Blogging -Week 15- Sleepy Time

Weekend Dog Blogging resumes with week number 15. Hosted by Sweetnicks.

Ziggy got his first airplane ride this Christmas holiday. For one of the most outrageous airline overcharges, it cost $80.00 each way for Ziggy to be housed in an under my seat carrier. No airline personnel had to do anything to facilitae this process except for the processing of my credit card for the $80.00 fee. Ziggy's own carrier occupied my already paid for leg room so what is this fee for? Simply, the right for him to go with us. I would like to also add that the airlines required a health certification done within 30 days of travel in order to comply with interstate and international movement of animals federal law. This was a vet bill of $65.00. We were never asked for this documentation during the whole trip.

Ziggy traveled very well. Without any sedatives or calming agents, he slept the whole way. Not a whimper or bark. I must admit that it was totally worth the airfare for Ziggy to go with us. He was the center of attention with all his cuddly, friendly love and affection. Best of all for him was the wide open yard for him to joyfully play.
T especially missed Ziggy as he hadn't seen him since last March.
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Cate said...

Wow, that IS a lot. But I'd sooner pay than and have him under my seat then worry about him being under the plane with the luggage, you know? Unfortunately, no way would Eli fit under our seat... ;)

The Survival Gourmet said...

Ah, the dog's life. Eat, sleep and just be happy to see you. We should all be so lucky.