Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 Flickr Photos Are Up

See Flickr Photo link to Sylvie's Christmas 2006 Food Celebration.


Glenna said...

Loved all of you pics from the snowman cookies to the meat to the sides to the desserts. Yummy! I'm convinced we're secretly family and don't know it. You cook everything we had when I was growing up and do it the same way. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks! And by the way, I made buttermilk pies this year too. It's one I grew up with and taught my husband to enjoy. So much so I had to hide the pecan pies after he ate over half a buttermilk pie in one sitting!

toshio in bora bora said...

the cookies are great looking and tasting too
we are lucky we sylvie is our boss at work and we get to sample the great bake goods im working on the other great food