Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting Ready For Superbowl Sunday

One of our good friends (B)challenged me to a Bobby Flay style Throw down with BBQ on center stage.

B has been trying to master his BBQ skills for years. With attention to detail, a few tried recipes and the right equipment he thinks his Que can match up to or is even better than mine. How did this challenge start? Well, this past October Four Q BBQ competed in the Imperial Beach, Beachfront 2006 event in San Diego (may I add, 1st Place Pork Butt, 2nd Place Brisket and 3rd Place Chicken). B came out to give us support and to see what this competition thing is all about. As grown folks do when sitting around with friends and family, someone always seems to offer that they can do something better. Yea, B says he'll can match up his que to mine anyday. From this evolved the "Throw down Challenge".

We set the date to revolve around Superbowl Sunday as there would be lots of hungry bellies and an arena of unbiased judges. The host of the party are M and D. It's a tradition now for them to host a Superbowl party. The flyers have been sent out and this is advertised as:

The Competition You’ve Been Waiting For
!!!A Low-N-Slow Barbeque Throw Down!!!

The rules are simple, just cook your own que. We are doing brisket, pork butt, ribs and chicken. We do the cookin at B and G's home and then cart all the meats to M and D's. Stay tuned for more on this great event.


mooncrazy said...

I can't wait for the photos!Is your sauce a secret? I bet you make the best damn sauce. Good luck with the throw down.

Sylvie said...

Thanks Moon. Sorry but the sauce recipe is a secret. Even my team members don't know the exact recipe.

Professor Salt said...

You get `em Sylvie!

TJ said...

Good luck, Miss Sylvie! Everybody's bringing chili into the office the Monday after for a cookoff -- I'm bringing a ground turkey version. Wish me luck!