Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl 2007 Throwdown Pictures

Menu for the event included pulled pork, chicken, brisket, jalapeno corn muffins, baked beans, potato salad, veggie plate, coleslaw and buns. Mr. B and I prepared the meats.
Left = Mr. B.
Right = Sylvie
Left = Sylvie
Right = Mr. B
Pulled Pork
Left = Mr. B.
Right = Sylvie

See complete slideshow of event at my Flickr photos of the Low and Slow BBQ Throw Down event.


Geoff Brown said...

Wow! What an awesome spread! did the judges rate everything? Did you "smoke" him in all three or did it come down to one or two points? Was there a home court advantage that should be taken into consideration? Who used the foil tent? Did they lose style points for the ol' Texas crutch? I want details!

Sylvie said...

All the guests at the party were given a ballot with voting in all three categories-chicken, pork, brisket. Nothing fancy, just which one did you like the best. It was a tie for chicken, I won by 1 point in pork and by 6 points in brisket.

I did tent both the pork and brisket. The guest only saw the final prepared dishes. It was alot of fun but cookin three meats alone takes a lot of time and boy was I tired.

The only KCBS rule we followed was that no gas, propane oe electric cooking devices for cooking the meats. We used charcoal and wood. I favor apple for pork and cherry for the chicken with Kingsford charcoal. I used a WSM.

TJ said...

Congrulations on the low 'n' slow BBQ win, Miss Sylvie! Your spread looks to rival Thanksgiving proportions! How many people attended the tasting?

Glenna said...

Sylvie, your food always looks awesome. I swear I'm going to show up on your doorstep one of these days for a holiday with a pitiful look on my face and whine "Will you feeeeeeeeed me?" :-)

Melting Wok said...

wowww, that's a lot of super bowl food hehe :) Wish I came here before I did my colt-en shrimp and bear-fallo lollipop chickens, on well, next party will try that grill chicken of yours, thanks for sharing, cheers !:)