Sunday, March 25, 2007

Backyard BBQ at the Rocke's

Four Q BBQ was at the Rocke for a little practice cook with 6 other teams. Overall we got Grand Reserve which is 2nd place overall based on points. See Survival Gourmet's (BigMista) post on BBQ Brethren forum for results.

BigMista has also posted pictures of the event. We all had a ball.

Though we did well overall thanks to great ribs and tri-tip, I was a bit disappointed with my chicken. I think I finished cooking it too soon and allowed it to rest too long and steam which diluted the sauce. Plus my skin looked pretty but was still a bit rubbery. Some of the judge's comments indicated it lacked taste and had too much smoke. Oh well. I did learn something. Despite the critic, it was still good.

I won't be cooking chicken at the Autry. My specialty is Pork Butt. Today, I did my own little practice run on Pork Butts. I'm only 3 hours into a cook, but all is going well with my thermometers and temps.

I'll post pictures later.


The Survival Gourmet said...

So where are the pics? You know we all want to see your butt! *lol*

Sylvie said...

Got kind of busy this week. Working all sorts of extended hours. Hope to have them up this weekend.