Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Ready For A Backyard BBQ Preview For Autry 2007

This past weekend, I pulled out the WSM to get a little practice before this weekend's backyard BBQ bash with fellow Southern California teams who will be competing at the "BBQn At the Autry" event April 14th, 2007.

This party is an abbreviated event in that there may not be adequate time to prepare pork butts and briskets using traditional slow cooking techniques. There are some BBQ'ers who say they can cook thse meats in 5-7 hours and they will be showing their techniques (hopefully). Proof is in the product.

The primary meats for this event are chicken, ribs and tritip. Three of our Four Q BBQ will be competing. I will prepare the chicken, Neil is doing the ribs and the Professor is doing the tritip.

Chicken brining 2 hours in salt, brown sugar and water.

About 1.5 hours into smoking at 250-275 degrees.

Sauce apllied to carmelize
165 degrees and ready to eat.

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Doodles said...

Oh my I can smell the grills & the BBQin all the way here. So bummed I won't be there. I know you will do well.