Sunday, May 20, 2007

Garden Update 5-20-07

My garden has really taken off. Upon return home, to my delight I found a huge zucchini growing along with quite a few regular sized ones. Many tomatoes are present along with, cayenne peppers and a couple of bell peppers.

I plan to make a stuffed zucchini today with this huge treat.


Deborah Dowd said...

Congratulations on the wonderful fruits of your labor (both the garden and the graduate!) I am not sure which is more difficult to get to maturation (yes I do, it's the child!)

Kalyn said...

The garden looks great. It's been fun seeing the updates.

I also like to slice those big zucchini into round pieces about 1/2 inch thick, marinate in Italian salad dressing for about 4 hours, and then grill them on the barbecue. Just yummy.

mooncrazy said...

Welcome home. I agree with Kalyn, zucchini on the BBQ is my favorite.

maltese parakeet said...

omg, the zuchinni plant is going to take over your house - it's huge! if you suddenly stop blogging, we'll send someone over to cut you & ziggy out of the vines!

Sylvie said...

Thank you all. I did make a astuffed zucchini. Turned out ok. I used spinach and feta cheese with some onion and tomato. Quite tasty and healthy.