Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sam Cooke for sentimental reasons

I Love you


Sylvie said...

I simply love this song. After I heard it on a current car commericial, I became obsessed with it. I remembered hearing the song years ago and it evoked many memories of a great artist.

No- not food related but what the heck.

mooncrazy said...

He was a dream to listen to. I remember I was in Jr High when he was murdered, what a loss. There are so many "slow dance" memories with that man's music! Thanks for that musical memory interlude.

maltese parakeet said...

he was a little before my time, but most of the best music was. i started listening to him when i got interested in aretha franklin's gospel recordings and then segued to his gospel songs. my favorite song of his, however, is the much more secular "bring it on home to me."

and it is food related! his name has the word "cook" right in it! ;)