Monday, July 16, 2007

Tri Tip Prices

(photo courtesy of Ralph's weekly ad)
This weekend, a local Southern California grocery chain, Ralph's, had beef Tri Tip on sale at $1.99 per pound untrimmed (regular price was $4.99/lb). Though untrimmed, there wasn't much fat. This is a great price and all you need is a Value Plus card which is available at all stores.

I was at Costco earlier Sunday morning where trimmed Tri Tip was about $6.94/lb and Smart and Final had untrimmed for about $5.99/lb (gobs of fat on their untrimmed).

Why this great interest in Tri Tip? In a couple of weeks, I'm going to join one of my BBQ team mates (Big Mista) for some BBQ backyard fun. A number of local Southern California BBQ teams will be meeting up to do what is basically a competition practice- "Kick the Tires and Light the Fires". No pressure, just pure fun. We are matching BBQ cooking technicques on Tri tip, chicken, BBQ ribs and "anything but" chicken/ribs/tri tip. In that Tri Tip is not my specialty, I will be cooking a couple a roasts prior to the event to develop my skills.

$1.99/lb Tri Tip is perfect to practice with and also good eats. I did do one roast yesterday (sorry, forgot about pictures) which though tasty and tender still needs to be tweaked so the flavor will "pop" (to quote Big Mista).

I also will be doing the "anything but" category which could be a dessert or meat except for ribs, chicken and Tri Tip. All the food just needs to be prepared on site the day of the event. I haven't formalized what I will prepare for this category yet.


Propane Fairy said...

Thanks for all the great BBQ tips and pics!

miamore73 said...

When and where is the competition. I would love to come. Also, when is the practice run I can always fill in as a test taster. :)

Sylvie said...

The event is a backyard BBQ not a true competition. The judges are real KCBS certified judges though. It isn't an open event (sorry). However, keep in touch with my blog for evets that are open coming soon to Southern California.