Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Dinner At My House

Chrstimas Dinner Menu (Flickr Photo Set)

Smoked Turkey (basted with butter and mojo criollo sauce)

Rib roast (Montreal Rub)

Salmon (Olive oil, salt and pepper- missed photo opportunity)
Gravy (from turkey drippings)
Mac and Cheese
Brussel Sprouts
Country Greens (Three ways- no meat, smoked turkey or ham hock
Hasselback Potatoes
Corn Pudding
Dressing (Boxed with additional trinity)
Monkey Bread (kneaded in Kitchen Aid cut into pices dipped in butter and baked in deep pan or bundt type pan)
Cornbread (corn meal box recipe- subtituted butter for vegetable oil)
Red Velvet Cake
Cheese Cake Assortment
Pound Cake
Berry Cobbler

Doggie Treat for ziggy and Wendi- Aspic of turkey gizzard, liver and heart)


Chris said...

Looks like a fantastic menu! Happy Holidays.

Deborah Dowd said...

What a wonderful menu- just reading this is making my mouth water! We had monkey bread for Christmas morning, too. A very happy holiday to you and your family!

FJK said...

I like smoked turkey better than oven roasted myself, but my favorite thing had to be the pet treats! Love to see a recipe for that.

The Liberty Belle said...

As my favorite uncle, Marvin, used to say, "Lawdy hun!" That's what I call a meal! I enjoy your blog and wish you and yours every happiness throughout the New Year.

Best regards,
Liberty Belle