Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tamales - Soul Fusion Style

Last year I was fortunate to be able to attend a tamale party. I swore that for 2007 I would start a new tradition and make tamales for my family and friends a holiday event.

There is so much love, friendship and holiday cheer exemplified by the simple task of wrapping tamales. Sure all the work is in the prep but when you are in the company of people you enjoy being around, it doesn't seem burdensome. Even more satisying is that there is a bounty of tamales to share with others at work, neighbors, friends and family.

I spent a few hours on the internet checking recipes, prep, ingredients and techniques. What were my conclusions? Well, there is a diversity of styles and the only limiting step is your own creativity. There is no wrong way to make a tamales as long as the end result is what you like. I decided to combine what I know with what I like. You don't have to look far to figure out what that might be.

I decided to make a traditional tamales using smoked pork butt versus braised pork with seasonings and spices. The rest of my post documents my venture into the world of tamales done Soul Fusion style. The smokey flavor of the pork combined with the rich traditional red chile sauce and masa harina prep made for a very good tamales which did result in a successful must repeat, dang that taste great tamales.

Smoking pork butt

Pork butts have reached temp

Pork ready to pull and chop

Corn husks soaking

Pork seasoning and spices
Pork ready for tamales

Masa prep

Big Mista making tamales



Kalyn said...

What a great new tradition. Home made tamales are so delicious.

The Survival Gourmet said...

I really had a great time rolling tamales with Sylvie. It's always great to hang out with the folks ya love!

Ardie said...

Hey Sylvia -

Next time you need help making tamales, I'm in! I used to help a Mexican-American friend with holiday tamale prep but she stopped making them. I miss the chitchat and of course the fresh tamales.

Bill said...

That is one serious stove only a true food fanatic would appreciate.

"There is no wrong way to make a tamales as long as the end result is what you like."

I totally agree with you!


ctoshio said...

im lucky to work for sylvia
she brought in the tamales and i got to taste them and it had just the right amount of masa and the pork butt was nice and tasty it made for a nice snack i could eat 5 of them if i had them .and the holiday time is also great she bakes cookies for us. its nice to have a boss the takes care of us with all the good food treats

Sylvie said...

Yes, I feel great just being able to let you all know what a great treat this truly is. Kalyn, you have to try this. Neil, I truly enjoy you and your family's company, Ardie, I will have to keep you in mind next year, Bill- that stove is fantastic, Curtis, butter me up for more treats to bring into work.

Moon said...

I think the smoked pork butt sounds wonderful but this year I made some small, snack sized tamals filled with green chilies and cheese.