Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Relaxing and Cooking

Around 10:30pm on the 4th of July, I settled in my backyard to get ready to smoke a pork shoulder. The gentle refreshing breeze and crackle of fireworks in the background was surprisingly calming. A glass of wine added to my sense of peace.

While the smoker was coming up to temp and stabilizing, Ziggy swarmed all over the yard in response to the fireworks and other dogs barking in the neighborhood.

Just my little Ziggy keeping watch on everything going on.


Moon said...

Good Job, Ziggy. Hope your pork shoulder turned out fine.

mSjEnA said...

Hi..your photo's look so relaxing.. I also smoked a pork shoulder. Im sure your's turned out better than mine, I think I cooked it too long but it wasn't over cooked. Just cooked to long for my taste !!

Sylvie said...

The pork shoulder turned out pretty good. Took me a while to cook as I let the smoker temp dip to 195-200 once I got up Saturday morning. Had some hours to make up. One thing I noticed compared to the pork butt is that the shoulder is bit more tough with more tendons. Makes sense as it is a part of the pig that gets a lot of exercise.

...and yes, it was very relaxing sitting on the patio just chilling.

maltese parakeet said...

ah yes, those of us with the small yappy type dogs know of the havoc that 4th of july can cause. ziggy looks great sporting his summer cut!