Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vacation Kitchen in Baja California Sur

We just returned from a weeks vacation in Baja California Sur. A big deep sea fishing trip for those in our group except for me. Not many can understand how much enjoyment I got out of cooking in our suite's full kitchen using ingredients purchased at the local Supermercado to make meals around the days fish catch.

Menu Items For the week included:
Marlin Ceviche
Chicken Enchiladas
Fresh Vegetable Salsa
Fish Escoveitch
Fish Salad
Chile Rellenos
Chicken and Beef Empanadas
Chicken and Beef Tacos
Queso Fresco Omelet with Salsa
Quesadillas with Cheese
Red Beans

I was very careful to wash all vegetables and fruits plus incorproate some common sense in assuring no one would suffer the dreaded "Montezuma's Revenge". Success, we all made it though the week eating well while maintaining good health.

I'll try to get the recipes and pictures posted soon. It was a good time with lots of wild fresh fish coming home in our coolers.

Preview of what I had to work with- chunk of flesh from a 242 pound Marlin that they were unable to "catch and release".

Flickr Photo Sets Baja 2008

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