Saturday, February 14, 2009

My New Toys

My BBQ Team- Four Q, will be competing in a number of events in 2009. Kristie's Place-Wishland May 9th and Stagecoach Country Music Festivsl April 25th and 26th. A number of other contests are also planned, however these two events will require a bit more equipment and tools of the trade.

Weber recently released a 22.5 inch WSM (Weber Smoky Mountain) smoker which I figured would meet my needs for pumping out lots of pulled pork. I could easily fit 8-10 pork shoulders in this baby compared to my 18.5 WSM which has a capacity of only 4. Didn't take much to convince me to buy this smoker. It meets my needs for ease of transport and I can lift the individual pieces by myself.

This smoker is in demand across the country. Amazon orders take 1 1/2 to 2 months to ship. I ordered mine in early January. My order indicated that it would ship sometime around the end of February to the end of March. I received it early (this past week) and I noticed a number of folks on the web indicated their's also arrived this past week. You can get an idea of it's size compared to my two 18.5 inch WSMs in the photos.

My urge to shop didn't end with the WSM. I'm doing my part for the economy. I found out at our last competition in Palm Desert that I didn't have the right tools to cook the chicken entry the way I felt was most competitive. One of our other team members usually does the chicken but he is intermittently available this year. I don't have a portable grill, so of course I went out and bought the 22.5 inch One Touch Weber Gold kettle. It's such a pretty blue.

Now to practicing with these new additions. I see a lot of "Q" in my future.


Harry said...

It's Harry from Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ. Any updates or cooking impressions with your new 22 inch WSM? I just bought one from Walmart for $330 w free shipping.
Your Q-ing buddy,

Sylvie said...

Harry, I can't keep up with you. $330 is a very good price. Someone on one the forums mentioned that they thought some sales were going to start. I bet we see a lot of 22.5 WSMs at Wishland and even more at Stagecoach. I haven't cooked on it yet. Don't have an excuse for waiting.

Sylvie said...

Harry, you got in on Walmarts sale at a good time. They now have listed that they are out of stock online.

Yep, we are going to see a lot of these at comps in the few months.

BBQ Junkie said...

congrats on the new tools. i love color of your kettle... they weren't available when i got mine. my boss used to have a bright yellow one that would change colors (to red) with heat. pretty neat.