Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spanish Style Cocido Soul Fusion Style

Spanish Style Cocido- Soul Fusion Style

Cocido has been described as one of the national meals of Spain. It is a very hearty but basic meal prepared using some ingredients like chorizo, hamhocks, ham, chicken, beef, pork, etc., all simmered to make a deep rich broth along with some herbs, spices, chickpeas, cabbage, etc. Basically as many cooks as there are is how many different recipes you have for this meal.

The first time I saw a recipe for Cocido was in 1996. Emeril prepared this dish on one of his shows. I believe I copied the recipe from the Food TV internet file. I tried to search for it today but was unable to find it on FoodTV nor his own web page. Anyway, I still have my copy and though I use it as a base to remind me how to prepare the dish, I don't follow the recipe. I don't have quatities, just used my own barometer on how much I felt like adding of any ingredient.

Turkey carcus simmering to make broth. This turkey was frozen after a holiday dinner. I slowly simmered it to extract all the flavor from the bones and until the turkey fell off the bones. The bones were discarded.

Meats defrosting. This is a good example of meal that can be made from meats you may have stocked in your freezer. I used some italian sausage, holiday ham, chicken, flank steak sliced, sliced pork loin, kielbasa, and turkey from carcus.

Sliced Yellow Onions (1 large)

Minced Garlic (4-5 cloves)

Simmering meats, garlic, onion and spices to taste (red pepper flakes, bay leaf, salt, pepper)

Meats are removed from liquid.

Broth is strained and refrigerated overnight to congeal fats which are removed and discarded to make less fatty broth.

Shrimp, onions and garlic.

I also decided to make an additional side which could be added to the final presentation. I took fingerling potatoes which had been previously coOked and mixed this with shrimp, more garlic and sliced onions. This was sauteed and placed to the side.

I sliced some fresh green onions, cilantro and lemons for condiments. This is not a usal presentation for cocido, but is my Soul Fusion touch. This I took from presentation of soups such as Pho or even a gumbo presentation.

It was my intent that each diner would add what meats he/she wanted to a bowl. The shrimp and potatoes were also an option. the broth is added to the bowl and all is heated. Cilantro, green onions and juice from a lemon wedge could be added prior to eating.

Bon Appetit.


GirlyFruFru said...

Wow - that looks yummy !! You inspire me !

Moon said...

This is great. It uses those things hanging around to make a fantastic meal. I often cook like this.

I do like the option of everyone adding the things they like and especially the lemon. If you add some extra "heat" the lemon juice just brightens that flavor.