Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chicken Practice with Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

My practice run was to fry a whole chicken this past weekend. It actually came out very good, moist meat and crisp skin. All I did was salt and pepper it inside the cavity and the skin. My hubby was very impressed. I won't be able do my turkey til Thanksgiving day. I will be using a turkey I will brine so the moist and tenderness coefficient will be increased. The practice run gave me confidence that this fryer will do the job.

A couple of things I learned is that it will take a good 30 minutes to reach 375 degree temp for the oil. Planning ahead that is no problem. I used 2 gallons of peanut oil. The cost of the oil alone was $23.00 from my local S&F. The oil is re-usable as I did not inject the chicken with anything that would burn during the cook or degrade the oil.

After frying, the basket containing the turkey/chicken was designed to be able to drip over the fryer. I don't recommend that because the bottom of the chicken was still submersed in oil. I recommend the basket be carefully removed from fryer and let the turkey drip over a pan with a rack to allow airflow. Remove the turkey from the basket as soon as possible to assure the skin stays crispy.

Advantage over outdoor turkey fryer is the ability to cook inside. You're still dealing with a lot of hot oil so be very cautious.

I like that the fryer is not extremely huge compared to some other fryers
I have seen in the market. This increases the probability that it will not be stored until the next holiday but instead will be used for frying or steaming other meals.

I'll post more later this week on how my turkey fares.


Moon said...

I saw this fryer at Surfas and was tempted especially when someone in line said how great his turkey tasted. I'm anxious to hear how you fare.

My big question, is how long and how many turkeys can you cook in that oil?

Sylvie said...

Same concept, different brand at Surfas. I was wondering how long this oil will last also. After the chicken fry, the oil is still clear and clean looking.