Saturday, April 30, 2005

I Just Had A Taste for Crawfish

My Saturdays are usually filled with shopping adventures, appointments I can't make during the week, house cleanup activities and time with my family. This day was no different.

First on the agenda was shopping. With anticipation of using a $5.00 coupon with purchase of a minimum $25.00 at Smart and Final, I make a food list in my head. I point my CTS in the direction of the Inglewood store. Then it crossed my mind, I sure would like some crawfish. It is not easy to get this in Los Angeles and especially when it is out of season. Anyway, the whole time I was shopping , my mind was on getting to the Bayou Grille for a takeout box of boiled crawfish.

I pass through the alcohol section of the store and see a special on "Gallo, White Zinfadel", regularly $3.99 but on sale for $2.99. What the heck, cheap wine and boiled crawfish. Guess where I'm going next?

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