Thursday, April 14, 2005

Iced Hot Tequila

My husband's past-time is as an avid deep sea fisherman. After a very fruitfull trip to Cabo one year, a ritual developed by him and his buddies was to take a shot of Iced Hot Tequila prior to going out on a trip. Be it a day boat or an extended day trip, each guy pours himself a jigger of this alcohol envigorating concoction and they toast the fish they are going to catch.

1 750 ml bottle of good quality tequila
2 whole green onion stalks trimmed
2 whole peeled cloves of garlic
1 each of serrano chile and cayenne chile
2 green jalapeno chiles
cut zest strip from 1 lime keeping it in a long strip

Remove about a cup of the tequila from bottle and set aside. Add the garlic cloves, serrano chiles, green onions and jalapenos and lime zest to the bottle of tequila. If enough space, add some of the reserved tequila to top off bottle. Set bottle aside at room temperture for 2-3 days. Then store tequila bottle in freezer for use as needed. (The tequila will not freeze but instead becomes a little thick but pours easily.)

Addendum: If you're bold enough, a habanero chile may also be added. It is actually included in the Ice Hot Tequila I make for the guys.


cookie jill said...

That drink sounds like it could cure what ever ails you!

Like your site! ;-)

Rachael said...

Oh my gosh...I really thought for a second you meant tequila that had been heated. What a relief! LOL. That recipe sounds like it could really get your motor going!