Thursday, March 23, 2006

Garden Update

Earlier this month I started working on my garden. After a lot of digging and weeding, I finally progressed to incorporating some invigorated garden soil with my old dirt and planting the first of this years vegetables.

After venturing to the local Home Depot, I found a variety of tomatoes. I guess it was too early in the season to stock anything else other than seeds. I'm not up to that so I'll wait for the eight packs to become available.
I left some volunteer cilantro growing and relocated four pepper plants (cayenne, habanero and jalapenos) which continued to thrive over the winter. A little fertilizer might get them to produce.
My herb garden is also making a comeback. The parsley is vibrant and green. With the rain we recently had, the oregano and thyme are starting to flourish again. Of course, the rosemary plant is stronger than ever and required that I cut it back some.

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