Tuesday, March 28, 2006


During one of my recent visits to Surfas Restaurant Supply to my joy I found a jar of clarified Plugra. I was actually looking for ghee when I made this discovery. Noting that it was actually less expensive than the ghee, the decision to purchase it was a no brainer.

What is (Clarified) Plugra? Nothing more than a European style butter. It is 99.8% butterfat and the idea of "no mess, no labor, no waste" also appealed to me. It requires no refrigeration. The only downfall was the jar expiration date is April 06 which doesn't give it a very long shelf-life. Many of you are use to purchasing the 1 pound cubes of Plugra available from stores like Trader Joes, well now another source.

I love to bake with it and I use the clarified butter to saute with or simply just to spread on toast. I also use Plugra in place of regular butter when cooking seafood or as the label says, a dipping sauce for shellfish.

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