Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beach Front BBQ Competition- Four Q BBQ

First Place- Pork Butt

Second Place-Brisket

Third Place- Chicken

Great ribs- (though we didn't get to "walk")

Four Q BBQ With Trophies

See my photo set of the weekends events on Flickr and additional photos on Flickr by
Survival Gourmet


mooncrazy said...

Yeah! Look at the smoke ring on that brisket! Congratulations to you all.

Professor Salt said...

We done good! Sylvie is too humble to say, so y'all should know that she cooked our first place pulled pork, and the sauce that helped us place in two categories.

Curt said...

GREAT job to all of you! Go FourQ!

doodles said...

Congrats to y'all!!!! What an amazing accomplishment.

maltese parakeet said...

the smoke ring on the brisket was the first thing i noticed, too! yum!

Bert said...

Outstanding! Congratulations! You all just might get your own cooking show.r

Sylvie said...

Thank you all. Four Q is still on cloud 9. The experience was all those great adjectives (fun, exciting, fulfilling, etc.)

There isn't a relatively (within 100 miles) local competition in the L.A. area until April with the BBQn At the Autry event April 13th and 14th.

P.S. If you check out the Autry link please note the pork butts on the rack and the lady with the Four Q apron. That's me and my butts from the April 06 event.

(Bert-please let FoodTV know we are available.)

Kirk said...

Hi Sylvie - A belated congrats to you(and the team) - I enjoyed meeting and chatting!