Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turducken Success Story

Thanksgiving 2006 and dinner has been served. The Turducken came off the smoker around 11am (12 hour cook) after reaching an internal temp of 170 (probably could have taken off at 165). We wrapped it in foil and waited to cut it until dinner was served.
It was beautiful, cooked through with all the layers distinctively apparent. How did it taste? It was very good. No salty areas after an overnight brine, moist and seasoned just right. Pat myself and my son on the back.

I tried a new candied sweet potato recipe I got off the FoodTV site. This one used Steen's cane syrup and pecans. Very tasty. Will do again. I made the Monkey Bread from scratch using a recipe for dinner rolls. My adjustment was to dip the dough pieces in butter laced with lots of garlic. Yum.
The ham was a standard spiral cut ham from Costco using it's enclosed glaze packet. I inserted whole cloves all over the ham and I also basted it with the juice from some Maraschino cherries before coating with the honey glaze.

My plate

I also put together a cheese plate which no one touched. Sounded like a good idea when purchased the cheese. No one wanted to waste the space in their stomachs.

See my previous posts for other items on my dinner menu. My son made the sweet potato pies. He used my mom's basic recipe but he substituted the vanilla extract with vanilla beans and he used heavy cream in place of the sour cream.

I hope you all had a lovely day and spent quality time with friends and family. The holidays are upon us and lots of cooking to come.


cookie jill said...

Turducken seems to be the "in" food for this years Thanksgiving.

Looks, well, BIG! Hope you enjoyed.

sher said...

I like that you smoked the Turducken. I've had them baked in the oven and I wasn't that impressed because the meat was dry in certain areas. But, anytime I smoke something, the meat is very moist. Looks delicious.

Glenna said...

Sylvie, everything looks magnificent! And I love that your son was with you in the kitchen. Most excellent. Can I come to your house next year? :-)

Sylvie said...

Jill, you have to try it at least once. It makes for great foodie conversation and prepping it with someone you love is great time spent. When cooked correctly and seasoned appropriately, you have "good eats".

Sher and Glenna smoking it does take more time. I cooked low and slow at about 225 for 12 hours. The temp did dip below 225 during the early morning hours when no one was paying close attention to the temps. Possibly would have only take 9-10 hours with a constant 225.

As I noted, I probably should have taken it off the smoker at 165 degrees but I got cold feet after reading a post on the BB Brethern forum. Next time (and yes, I plan to do this again someday), I'll remove at 165.

Brining is probably 95% responsible for it being moist..

mooncrazy said...

You made this look too easy but I want to try it if only for the story; of course I will follow your method.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

You made me drool! That looks so yummy!