Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cookbook Purchase- Charcoal Grilling

In this past weeks L.A. Times, Charles Perry reviewed a couple of BBQ cookbooks. I had quickly thumbed through one of the books, Webers Charcoal Grilling by James Purviance a week ago while I was last at Costco but thought, I'm not buying a book which highlights trade named products. However, after reading the review I thought maybe it would be a quirky addition to my library.

I was again at Costco yesterday and picked up the book again. Fortunately for the author, the first page (pg 92) I opened to was a team of charcoal fanatics called the "Dueling Bubbas". Out of my mouth came "hey, I know these guys". At this April's past "BBQ'N at the Autry", the "Dueling Bubbas" campsite was right next to our "Four Q BBQ" site. They actually took an overall second place for Grand Reserve in the competition.

The book cost $11.99 at Costco, so I broke down and purchased it. Haven't tried any recipes but some look interesting.

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