Saturday, November 10, 2007


Being the lady that I am, I hesitate to say what the abbreviation ABT stands for other than to say that when you take something hot like a jalapeno and stuff it, eat it and the next day the end result is like an "Atomic Bomb T---". ABTs are standard fare for treats or hor d'hoerves served at a many bbq events. The only limiting step to making a great ABT is your own creativity. Stuff a jalapeno and wrap it with any smokey pork like bacon and you have an ABT.

In contrast to the usual way of doing ABTs which is to remove the stem and stuffing them from the top, I cut a slit down the length of the jalapeno (borrowed the idea from a Brethren). I used a very small melon baller to scrape out all the seeds and membranes. I purchased two dozen jalapenos. No measured recipe for the contents but just some grated sharp cheddar cheese mixed with cream cheese [used the whole 8 oz package] (more cheddar than cream cheese).

I also had some hard salame that I sliced into 1/8 to less than 1/4 inch wide slivers of about an inch and a half length.

I stuffed the peppars with the salame sliver and then the cream cheese/cheddar to fill. The bacon was cut in half lenghtwise and then wrapped around the pepper starting at the top and pulled around to loop around the open slit. No toothpicks needed. I did have some leftover cheese mixture to be used for something else like stuffing a fattie.

When you smoke them make sure the side with the slit is facing upward to better prevent the cheese from oozing out. I cooked them on the WSM at about 275 til the bacon was browned.


Moon said...

These look wonderful. I can imagine making all sorts of fillings. We call them poppers but have never grilled them.

PleasureCooker said...

Oh. My. God. This looks awesome!