Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

What a fantastic day spent with family and friends. Everything turned out great. Please see my Flickr set- Thanksgiving 2007, for a complete photo accounting of the prep and final presentation.

The holidays are here. Let's enjoy in peace, love, harmony and always with a great meal.

Cauliflower Faux Potatoes and Spiral Ham

Carved Smoked Turkey

Southern Greens

Mac and Cheese, Corn Pudding
Candied Yams (top left)

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread Unmolded


The Survival Gourmet said...

I'm really gonna have to find a way to get invited over for these meals! Do you take...donations?

Anonymous said...

wow! i'd kill for those greens!

The Survival Gormet said...

Seems to me there was supposed to be a team party or something...

Where is G?

Jessica said...

All of that food looks amazing! I am getting hungry just looking at it.

Sylvie said...

Amazing G and I didn't make it in any of the photos. He was there-head of the table. I have to admit, it was a great meal.

Bill said...

Mind sharing the dressing/stuffing recipe?


Sylvie said...

Bill you'ld be surprised at how simple it is. I use the cubed Mrs. Cubisons as the bread source. I don't follow her directions per se on the box and I really don't have exact measurements. Like Paula Dean's recipes, I start with a stick of butter melted in a skillet. I add about 1 large diced onion, about 2 cups diced celery, one large diced bell pepper, no less than 3 cloves garlic minced. this is seasoned with about 1 tsp salt and 5-10 twistas of my pepper grinder. This is sauteed until the onions are wilted. This mixture is added to one box of the bread cubes and tossed to combine. I put this in a 1/2 steam pan and pour chicken broth over it to moisten but not sog it out. I smoked the turkey neck and turkey butt for about 2 hours while I was smoking the
Buckboard Bacon the day before. I topped the dressing with the tese and baked til the edges were browned and a little crispy.

Bill said...

thanks....I like Stove Top brand. Your recipe sounds easy enough.

Big Dady Walter said...

Hi I found you blog so wonderful , my name is Walter Brooker , I hal from Denmark South Carolina . I am pit master of team Squeel Appeal, like yall we use WSMS and a hand made 55 gallon drum smoker with a side fire box to compete.
It nice to know that if I can get us back to the West Coast ( my wife Niki hails From Sacramento) I can fins some goos down home food in California I must say I was getting hungry looking at the pics on your blog and the team website .
If we can bet back that way I will be competeing and brining all my secretes back with me. I learned to do BBQ from my father as he learned from his , that makes me a 4th generation BBQer. I wiuld love to meey yall sometimes , if we set up another vivst home for Niki might just have to plan a trip yalls way to say HI and kick back and chat.

My team is names Squeel Appeal , we do mostly Butts, Ribs, shoulders , and chicken out here . Niki is the keeper of the money and the budget master , she also plans the any thing butt parts of the competition , last one we did she made hot fruit cider , it was cold outside and we had long lines.

I love yalls sites and blogs .

Yours in BBQ

Walter Brooker

Sylvie said...

Big Daddy Walter I am so glad you visited my site and the Four Q site. You'll find a very open and hospitable group of BBQuers in Southern California. We all post a lot on both the BBQ Brethren website and the CBBQA website. We have quite a few competitions coming up in 2008. We haven't ventured outside of Southern California yet to compete but maybe sometine in the future.

If you're not already familair with the BBQ Brethren site, stop on by register and answer the cattle call. That sites an easy way to keep in touch with us. the link is on my home page.