Sunday, November 04, 2007

More On a Great BBQ Competition- La Quinta Nov 3, 2007

See Sylvie's Flickr Photos of La Quinta's Blues, Brews and BBQ event

See Big Mista's Photobucket

See Steph's Photos here

Results IBCA La Quinta 2007- OVERALL
1 Kyles Emery, 33, Kyles Bubba Q Grand Champion
2 Neil Strawder, 31, Four Q BBQ Reserve Grand Champions
3 Bill Emery (new member),24, Brother Bills BBQ
4 Dan Powers, 23, BBQ2DI4
5 Steph Franklin, 22, Simply Marvelous
6 Mike Rieman,21, Az Barbeque/Whiskey Ranch
7 Brian Kriesler,19, Blast Off BBQ
8 James Emery, 16, J and L Smokin BBQ
9 John Scott,15, Papas Smokhouse
10 Dale Ginos, 13, When Pigs Fly

1 Kyles Bubba Q
2 AZ Barbeque/Whiskey Ranch
3 Four Q BBQ
4 Brother Bills BBQ
5 Simply Marvelous
6 J and L Smokin BBQ
7 When Pigs Fly
8 Blast Off
9 Papas Smkehouse
10 BBQ 2DI4

2 J and L Smokin
3 Kyles Bubba Q
4 Blast Off
5 Four Q BBQ BBQ
6 Papa Smokhouse
7 Brother Bills
8 Simply Marvelous
9 AZ Barbeque/Whiskey Ranch
10 When Pigs Fly

1 Kyles Bubba Q
2 Brother Bills BBQ
3 Four Q BBQ
4 Blast Off
5 BBQ 2DI4
6 Papa Smoke House
7 When Pigs
8 Simply marvelous
9 AZ Barbeque/Whiskey Ranch
10 J and L Smoking

1 Simply Marvelous
2 Four Q BBQ
3 AZ Barbecue/ Whiskey Ranch
4 When Pigs Fly
5 BBQ 2DI4
6 Kyles Bubba Q
7 Brother Bills
8 Papas Smokhouse
9 Blast Off
10 J and L Smokin


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Congrats to all of you!

Neil said...

This event was a blast! Did you mention that we also won People's choice?

Sylvie said...

Oh yes- I did forget to mention that one. Four Q BBQ won the People's Choice award. We had longh lines and folks waiting for our Q not only because it tasted great but also because of our superb hospitality.