Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Cookies- Snowflakes Are In For 2007

I have quite a few cookie cutters including Christmas designs. One continuing theme for holidays which kept popping up was the snowflake. As it would be, I had a couple of cutters which I could adapt to a snowflake but none which really shouted "Snowflake". I don't need very much prompting to get me to purchase anything related to kitchen gadgets so voila, I now have three more cookie cutters- two snowflakes and one bell.

Much of my time this week (except for those hours spent at my day job) has been doing what I love to do- decorating sugar cookies. I stuck with my No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe. Why change it is a great recipe. I cut out primarily snowflakes but also added a few snowmen, Christmas trees and Christmas bells.

I was very happy with all the designs except for the Christmas bells. For some reason the red royal icing didn't cooperate with me and the result was ok but not great. The snowflakes were wonderful. You can see more of the collection at my Flickr site.

Last year I used the decorated sugar cookies as ornaments on my Christmas tree.

I stored some of the cookies from that 2006 tree in an airtight container. I was amazed when I opened the jar today and found the cookies looked just like they did last year. Now I wouldn't eat a one year old cookie, but as an ornament it is really nice. How versatile that no fail recipe is. My 2007 Christmas tree is decorated with a combination of last year's ornaments and this year's designs.

Visit FoodBlogga for an array of Christmas Cookies submitted to the Eat Christmas Cookies 2007 Event.

FoodTV Cookie Gallery

FoodTV Cookie Gallery 2


Mrs. W said...

Absolutely gorgeous cookies.

Moon said...

As always, so talented with the cookie decor. I'm thinking of starting mine this week. Do you freeze them at all to keep them fresh?

Sylvie said...

I hope the food police do not come after me, but no, I'm not going to freeze these. I find that this is a hardy recipe and tastes very good even after a few weeks. I was surprised that the ones I stored from last year still look perfect with no mold, flaking, or color fading. I wouldn't eat the year old ones but to decorate my tree they are fine.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hi Sylvie,

What an ingenious idea to decorate the tree. You know, you should submit that idea to Michelle of Scribbit who is looking for craft ideas for December. Email me if you'd like more info. on it.

Thank you so much for submitting these cookies to Eat Christmas Cookies. They are decorated so beautifully, especially those eye-catching blue snowflakes! -Susan

curt said...

hello sylvie
thanks again for the yummy cookies
im the lucky person that gets to sample these yummy cookies at work
if can you to can be a lucky one and come work for sylvie