Saturday, May 27, 2006

2nd Annual WSM Day - May 27th 2006

I got my WSM going this morning with a 9lb pork shoulder. Tenderly rubbed with my Four Q BBQ special seasoning blend, injected with a mixture of apple cider, vinegar and seasonings. Plan on having it go 12-14 hours at between 225 to 250 degrees using apple wood and lump charcoal.

Today is the day folks all across the US and Internationally as well will be participating in the 2nd Annual WSM Day. WSM Smokin Day sponsored by the Virtual Weber Bullet.

Since this is my first time cooking a pork shoulder (usually I do a pork butt), I'm going to leave the fat flap on starting fat up. I did some cross cuts in the fat to allow the smoke and seasoning to penetrate.



Lea said...

You make me want to get a smoker O_O

Erika said...

Oh, you're making my husband drool over your smoker... :-)