Friday, May 19, 2006

Team Sponsors for Four Q BBQ

"Four Q BBQ Team Seeking A Sponsor" was going to be the title of this post but then I thought, how pretentious. Then I thought, how do we get noticed other than to make it known to potentials. Memorial Day weekend is around the corner. Everyone is getting ready to get the grills out. I'll be posting more on my backyard escapades and in the middle of all these posts will be the products used including my WSM, Smoky Joe, BBQ Galore Gas Grill, sauces and sides. My Four Q BBQ team members are right in there with me doing the same. The reader base is good.

We haven't posted much anymore regarding our teams activities. We are still all alive , well and still grilling/smoking. We plan to compete this summer at possibly a couple of competitions including the Rosebowl in August. As a new upstart team, it is hard to get firm sponsors. We noticed that most of the teams with sponsors at the Autry were well known and established in the BBQ circuit. Did they get there mainly because of sponsors like Duraflame or Simple Green plus a few grand champion awards? Probably.

Well this is a "shout-out" to sponsors like Weber, Budweiser and their new sauces, Cowboy Charcoal, Royal Oak, Kingsford and others though not listed. Four Q BBQ is seeking team sponsors.

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