Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Garden Update- Just Tomatoes and Herbs

We are about 2 months into the first planting of the tomatoes and re-invigoration of my herb garden. I haven't taken the time to plant anything else though this weekend, so far may be promising.

The tomatoes are growing well. Just in case you didn't notice, I didn't put wire around the tomatoes to keep them upright as I usually do. I'll call it an experiment or as my husband G says, an oversight.

Herbs including chives, oregano, parsley and thyme.

Whole garden view. There are about 8 tomato plants of varying varieties, one rosemary bush and a lone plumaria.


Bert said...

Did you fill in the pool?


Sylvie said...

No, it's still there. these pictures are just from the back corner.