Friday, January 20, 2006

Sweet Potato Pie- Bertha Style

Sweet Potato Pie

3-medium sweet potatoes (about 1-lb)
1/2-cup sugar
1/4- 1/2cup brown sugar
1 -tsp cinnamon
1/4-tsp nutmeg
1/8-tsp salt
1 stick butter (melted)
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon extract
3/4 cup- sour cream
1-single crust pastry recipe
Prick potatoes with a fork and bake in a 450* oven for 40-50 minutes, until very tenderCool until easily handled

Meanwhile, prepare pastry- store bought frozen works wellBake crust at 450* for 8 - 10 minutes to set

For filling, scoop out potatoes into large mixing bowlMash with a potato masher (you should have 2-cups)Stir sugars, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt into potatoesAdd eggs and butter
Add vanilla and lemon extractBeat lightly to smooth consistencyGradually mix in sour cream

This is where my mom does the most adlibing. She tastes the batter. If it's not sweet enough add more sugar, a tablespoon or so at a time. If it's not spicy enough, add more cinnamon and nutmeg, a pinch at a time. Basically adjust the batter to your taste.
Pour into shell

(optional note: here you can add a topping of Pecans)

To prevent over browning, cover edge of pie with foilBake for 25 minutes at 350 *Remove foil and bake 25-30 minutes more until knife comes out cleanCool on wire rack for 30 minutesChill 2 hours before serving
(From previous post Food Got To Love It, November 19, 2005)

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