Saturday, May 28, 2005

EoMEoTE #7

EoMEoTE is hosted by Jeanne of Cook Sister! as a way of promoting international food dialogue along a common theme in an accessible way. There are two rules-

1) There must be an egg
2) it must be on toast.

Rule 2 was clarified to include
2.1) a broad definition of "on" including next to, or near, or under.
2.2) "Toast" can be any carbohydrate based foodstuff subjected to heat.

My creation includes cheddar cheese, eggs, green onions and panko bread crumbs as my carbohydrate (toast). I use the Panko bread crumbs because they are dry and have a crunchy texture so they do not become soggy.

Addendum: I forgot to add the limerick. Here it is.

Eggs, cheese, green onions and bread crumbs
A meal fit for any bum(b)
Use any cookie cutter mold to hold its shape
Square, triangular or round like a grape
After your first bite you're sure to say yum

Prepare the molds by spraying the inside with a something like "PAM". Also spray the skillet to prevent sticking. Place mold in skillet. Add the cheese to the mold. Once the cheese spreads over the bottom of mold but not totally melted, I add an egg and the green onions. As the egg sets, I sprinkle the Panko Bread Crumbs over the top. When the egg is set but yolk still runny, I remove from the skillet to serve.

The amount of cheese, green onions and Panko Bread Crumbs is to your liking.

Eggs, Cheese, Green Onions and Panko Bread Posted by Hello

Eggs on Cheese with Green Onions and Panko Bread Crumbs Posted by Hello


Andrew said...

sorry for being stupid but what is Panko bread?

and where is your limerick?! ;-)

Sylvie said...

Japanese bread crumbs.

Moira said...

These sound great and so quick to put together!

Sylvie said...

It is very easy. The cheddar cheese cooks to form a crunchy cheddar cracker. Variations may also include bacon bits in addition to or in place of the green onions.

Culinary Fool said...

Yum! And I love the plates, too!

~ B

Stephanie said...

Mm...panko makes everything good. So very nice!

Anonymous said...

where does one GET panko bread crumbs?