Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's All In The Name

Some signs get your attention. I drive down Centinela Blvd near Beach Street often. Most times I do not pay attention to the scenary as it never seems to change. You know how it is when you get use to the kid's finger prints on the wall. It just doesn't catch your attention after a while. Yesterday was different. A banner with the annoucement that "Collard Greens Cafe" was coming soon took me by surprise. It goes to show you, it's all in the name. Had the sign simply stated something familiar, i.e. Bertha's Soul Food Cafe, I probably would not have been intrigued. Anyway, I was prompted to go around the corner (which was out of my way)and enter the little strip mall parking lot to see the actual cafe that was coming soon. This development is in it's infantile stage. It was simply an empty storefront with another banner announcing "Collard Greens Cafe" coming soon.

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Jennifer said...

Yum! This sounds promising. You will most certainly have to write a review once in opens.

You are right about restaurant names. I know it is like judging a book by its cover but a clever name always catches my eye.